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Editorial from volume 1, issue 1, 2013

Welcome to the new scientific journal – the 3rd Millennium Science

3rd Millennium Science is an interdisciplinary, international, scientific journal aiming to publish peer reviewed, scientific articles in the fields of medicine, health care, psychology, environmental sciences, nutrition, chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, geology and even archaeology in an open access format.

It is our belief that the scientific arena needs many more international journals and the journal of the 3rd Millennium Science will be one of those and mainly focus on medical issues.

The medical field has been developing extremely rapidly during the past fifty years. The paradigm of the medical world has constantly been undergoing an everlasting metamorphosis during that time period. Knowledge that was totally unbelievable and things that were completely unknown and unreachable at the end of the second world war are nowadays generally accepted as naturally occurring phenomena. This statement is obviously valid for all scientific areas.

The scientific world is undergoing great changes. Profound treatment methods are intermittently replaced with even better, modern methods. The scientific area is constantly being divided into even more subspecialities and researchers are nowadays more often than before seeking knowledge at microscopic levels, not to mention at nano levels and in the future probably even at piko levels.

Despite those rapid changes the universe is still the same as it very much has been for hundreds of millions of years. The expansion of the universe does however at the moment not seem to be as meaningful as the expanding knowledge of human mankind. The universal expansion and what is related to it may however be much more important in the future. Human mankind is rapidly learning and developing its knowledge in astronomy and such knowledge may also contribute to our survival that very day when we are forced to leave our blue planet.

Until then it is of utter importance that we are seeking and finding new knowledge supporting a healthier planet housing healthier citizens.

Michael Zazzio